A Strange and Sunny Canful

IMG 1971 Ardmona cream ad UK

Oh Zena, I don’t know if this is going to work – warm milk and butter in that little thingie, and pump the handle until you get cream? This is like those special TV onion choppers and things, they never work out though, do they? Zena Skinner was a British cookbook author and host of an early 1970s TV cooking show called Ask Zena Skinner. Webrarian has a great photo of Zena on his site.

This cream maker sounds reminiscent of the I Love Lucy episode “Pioneer Women” (1952) where Ethel tries to make butter. It doesn’t work, she needs cream not milk – of course, maybe she needed this Ardmona device. Lucy’s bread works out too well, really – it’s so big it zooms out of the oven and takes over the kitchen.

Oh, and another thing? I really hope that that guy is not part of the special offer. What is he doing lounging around on top of the coupon? Is Zena aware of him? Did he come along with her? And he is about the same size as the stuff on the table. Very strange.