Cupcakes and the City

IMG cupcakes, 1929

I noticed the cupcakes immediately. Though I’m a native New Yorker, I have never watched a single episode of Sex and the City. But I am aware that the movie has just come out and there are premieres going on seemingly everywhere BUT New York City.

I have learned that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie ate a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery,  to get over romantic disappointment.  Well, now we’re talking! I can relate to this somewhat. I once ate some stale Archway cookies in my college dorm room when I was depressed about my love life back in the 1980s. That’s sort of similar, right? Not as glam, but there’s a certain connection.

Oh, fine. Never mind then. Back to the cupcakes!

I found a couple of genuine retro,  New-York-City-bred cupcake recipes that would console anyone. They are from the 1929 Any One Can Bake, from the Royal Baking Powder Co. of 100 East 42nd Street. Damn tootin’ any one can bake! And anyone can eat an orange or a chocolate cupcake, too. Or a strawberry puff cupcake. And chase the whole lot down with an anise stick, why not? Perfect with a cup of tea and a good chat with someone who will listen to you whine and maybe recite your latest poem about romantic angst. Good times, I tell you. Beats those Archway sprinkle cookies by a mile!