The Inevitable “About” Page

I collect weird old cookbooks and ephemera, old advertisements, old etiquette books and household guides – and am always on the lookout for strange postwar Jell-O and salad recipes. Ideally, both components in one gelatinized amalgamation of horror.

I’m originally a New Yorker, in my mid-40s, living in Canada, where I write about various historical, genealogical and pop-culture retro-vintagey things.

I write about Brooklyn, New York, genealogy, pop history, old advertisements, and any amusing bits of history that otherwise interest me, over at my other site,

I would absolutely love to hear from you, and I try to answer as many comments as I possibly can.

My e mail is

7 thoughts on “The Inevitable “About” Page

  1. I absolutely adore both of your blogs!!!Kitchen Retro is fantastic and the New York blog…well, I want to delete my old Chicago blog and start over. You really put me to shame. Thanks for a good lesson in humility.

  2. Sharon, you are so sweet – but please don’t say that, I love your blog! You are a terrific writer and historian, and I am so glad I found your blog.

  3. Oh sugar honey iced tea…. had I seen your website yesterday, I would have happily snail-mailed you several items that I threw out that you would have adored – a 50′s menu with all the advertising hype among other interesting 50′s food advertisements…

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