A Nice Hot Cup of Soda

Well it certainly is “something truly different,” just like this 1969 ad says. But I don’t know how great an idea it is. Because soda is really best when it is cold. Lukewarm soda is all right if you’re really thirsty and don’t have any ice cubes handy.

But hot soda? As in, deliberately heated soda? Was this ever a thing? I don’t think so. But top marks to the Dr. Pepper people for creative ideas. You can just imagine them thinking:

How can we get people to buy this stuff in the middle of winter? How can we make it really – festive, like hot toddy or hot tea. The operative word being….hot! So how about some nice hot – soda? We can even make and sell official Dr. Pepper Hot Soda cups.

As for the snowman – holding that cup  in his hand-made-of-snow just isn’t going to end well. A Hot Idea? Yes. But not a Good Idea.

Over at Retro Recipe Attempts, Erica bravely went ahead and tried making this. It was not delicious, as you will see if you go over there.

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2 thoughts on “A Nice Hot Cup of Soda

  1. I do remember trying hot Dr. Pepper. My sister made some for us and served it with a slice of lemon…just like hot tea but with a little carbonation kick. I actually think we really liked it. (We also liked Velveeta Cheese!)

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