The Easter Blonde

Give your husband a gorgeous “Blonde” for Easter. Or maybe he prefers a luscious Redhead or Stunning Brunette.

Gee, I don’t know, why don’t we ask him? It’s 1953 and I’m sure I have nothing better to do than dye my hair whatever color Biff prefers, as a little present for Easter. Thank you Tintair (which sounds like an airline where they color your hair on board so you can surprise the people waiting for you at your destination), for one of the weirdest Easter ads ever. Clearly, they think that this idea is really clever, and that  all us little ladies out there will love it:

On Easter morn, when you greet “him” in your new Easter suit and bonnet – why not introduce him to a gorgeous blonde? Or redhead? Or brunette?

I don’t know, I’d really rather not. Plus anyway, back here on Planet 2012, I’ll be greeting “him” in my lovely pajamas and cardigan combo. And asking him (politely, but with a tiny note of firmness/desperation) to introduce me to a mug of coffee.

Carrot Top: even more surprising that the Easter Blonde

But supposing I did use Tintair – with “self-timing pure ‘Vegetable Catalyst D’” – in Canary Diamond, Jet Brown or Carrot Top. That way he would probably think I am somebody else.

What fun that would be, to see him so pleased that I am not me but some Easter Blonde who wandered in from the Land of Tintair. I’m Canary Diamond, the Easter Blonde. That’s a good name. Sounds like a retro exotic dancer, doesn’t it? Or Jet Brown, International Woman of Mystery – specializing in stealing jewels from the Jet Set (of course)* – all the while never letting go of my cigarette holder and champagne flute.

Or he might even think I’m – Carrot Top. That would be really interesting, don’t you think?

*Flying, but of course, on Tintair – what else?

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