A Stunning Improvement

Sue: Come in, Jeannie, come right in! Let me take your – no, wait. Before I take your hat and coat – no, don’t sit down! I must show you my bathroom.

Jeannie: Actually I only came over to ask if I could possibly borrow a cup of sugar. I really need to get going to pick up little Jimmy at school and -

Sue: It’s right down the hall. Come on! You simply must see what I’ve done in here.

Jeannie: Err…oh, I really had rather not…

Sue: Don’t be silly, I’ve redecorated! Look! Green. Everything is green. I’ve even got a green dress on to celebrate, see?

Jeannie: Well, yes. It is green all right.

Sue: Tell me that isn’t a stunning improvement!

Jeannie: Oh, err…yes. It is! What a stunning improvement. Now I really must be -

Sue: See the rug, and the green wallpaper and the little green jars. And the toilet seat cover, look at that! It’s called a Pearl Seat, apparently.

Jeannie: Goodness me. Yes. Never mind about the sugar. I’ll – I’ll see you later.

Sue: I can’t stop peeking in. Oh – bye dear. If you run into anyone we know – just send them right over, all right?

[This 1947 ad is from the cornucopia of ephemeral wonder that is  LiveJournal Vintage Ads.]

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6 thoughts on “A Stunning Improvement

  1. Okay, I must tell this story.When I was a kid, we had a plastic orange toilet seat. It went with the bathroom (and looked better than it sounds). We had a party once, and a kid about six years old used the bathroom. When he came out he said "Hey, who painted your toilet seat?"We thought it was funny at the time.

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