The Mad Money Bracelet

A little Charm for a Dollar Bill
Should you ride with a boy and the meter stands still
And he begins the old line of talk - 
If you wear your charm – there is NO NEED TO WALK.

You’re supposed to “walk into Offices, Crowds, Factories” – because that’s where girls are. Sure, just walk into a busy office in the middle of the working day. Or start bothering women on a crowded street. Or on the production line. They’ll be mad, all right.

“Mad Money,” of course, was what you carried on a date; if your date got fresh with you, you could take a taxi home. The Dictionary of American Slang gives an alternate definition of “mad money” as money a woman saves for when she will want to make a “mad” or impulsive future purchase. I don’t think you could save much in this bracelet though. You’d be walking home or saving up for a pack of gum, from the look of things.

[Billboard, October 25, 1947.]

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5 thoughts on “The Mad Money Bracelet

  1. As silly as those things sound, I'd kind like to have one, just for fun. I remember having a pair of Nike shoes with zippers in the side and I always likes the feeling of having a dollar bill in there (back in the day when Canadians still used dollar bills!) – G

  2. These things must be in grandma dresser drawers across the nation, because it says they sold like hot cakes.Why not just sell hot cakes, instead of having to troll offices & factories?

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