The Hottest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

 Up until now, the hottest thing I’d ever seen was the weather report on any given day this month. Honestly, was this not the most extremely hot July we’ve had in a long time?

However, this 1949 toy is in fact the Hottest Thing – made by those well-know purveyors of fun, the Maryland Plastic Shade Company. It looks like a fan that you carry around on a bracelet – which is a great idea. But it is just a pinwheel that you carry around on a bracelet. That is not really very hot, you know.

Now when they make a teeny electric fan on a bracelet, then I’ll get excited.

[From Billboard, July 9, 1949.]

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10 thoughts on “The Hottest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

  1. Or how about a little air-conditioner we can wear on our wrists? I'd go for that. The heat has been wretched this summer.If this wrist-jet had been an air-conditioner, it would surely have been made in Chicago. As it is, it's just a useless trinket made in New Jersey, if I'm squinting at the ad properly, but attributed to the crabcake state.

  2. The Sharper Image used to make a "personal air conditioner" that you wore around your neck. I don't know if they're still available because I think they went out of business.

  3. Bill – Oh, I didn't see that, that it's from New Jersey…and yet attributed to Maryland! How shady, and yet ridiculous.thedickdujour – That would accessorize perfectly with this! And a pinwheel hat would, too.Auntie E – You're right, it ought to come with a warning ;)Eric – I know! lol

  4. Dang. I was hoping it would be something to help with hot flashes.TMI?I'm with Betty. I want one to entertain myself during boring meetings and such. Could you imagine how it would twirl around with all of that hot air swirling around the conference room?

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