Jackie’s Jingle

Oh goody, a jingle contest! I don’t think that Mr. Gleason really wrote this, though. I think that his friends down at the ad agency did.

No one is going to win here, though – not really. Your taste buds will not win because that coffee is just a picture. And your eyes will not win because they are being harassed by Jackie’s eye-searing suit and beret. Mmm-boy! Those checks are really silly.

But let’s press on, since there are some cash prizes, apparently:

There’s no other coffee today
As good as the new Nescafé
Its flavor beats ground
Saves money per pound -

1. But doesn’t explain that beret.
2. Orange checks, though, are never OK.
3. And tastes better than Chesapeake Bay.
4. Not enough, though, to buy a Monet.

Please feel free to submit a last line in the comments! If only I had $35,000 in Nescafé prize money to award. But alas no.

Finally, here’s Jackie in The Honeymooners, playing golf with a pin cushion, wearing the pants he’s got on in the ad -  but a different silly beret. Address the ball, Ralph. Hellloooo, ball!


Thank you to Retro Ads and Graphics for this one! And to MTV for the picture of the album cover. Mr. Gleason really, really liked checks, didn’t he? The album cover suit is made out of Alice’s old tablecloth, I think.

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8 thoughts on “Jackie’s Jingle

  1. I like #2. Because orange plaid will always be just wrong – unless he is actually wearing pajamas. Then it might be OK, because then he wouldn't need coffee to wake him up. His pj's would do that.- G

  2. Bill – Ditto the Hudson River, but it doesn't rhyme ;)Georgina – They are visual caffeine, aren't they?Tori – Unfortunately, no. I think he wore this on purpose.Lee – That is a good line, so hurray!dvilleoysters – Ditto on the hurray!

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