The Corn Cob Hat

Towards the end of the summer, corn goes on sale – ten ears for a couple of dollars. I can’t remember the exact price but it’s cheap. You have to pick through a bin of them, and there’s corn silk all over the place and it is sort of a mess (can you tell that I am not a fan of sorting through bins of corn?). And then, of course, you go home and after a restorative nap you boil them. Or better still, get someone else to fire up the barbecue and roast them. You don’t even have to buy ten! It is not compulsary.

So please, please, please – don’t lose your grip like this lady, and make a hat out of them. And don’t make a dress out of plastic strawberry boxes, either.

Because unless this is a still from some lost episode of I Love Lucy in which she connives her way into starring in a Kellogg’s commercial on one of Ricky’s TV shows – there is no excuse for this.

From Life, July 21 1958.

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9 thoughts on “The Corn Cob Hat

  1. You know what, I don't know if you get project runway in Ca, but the first season – think it was the first – one of the first challenges was to make an outfit from the grocery store and someone used corn, the husks.By the next day it didnt look so good but he may have won?hey, you have an ec!

  2. The only person (and I use the term very loosely, because she's actually made out of plasticene by Nick Park and co) is Lady Tottington, in 'Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the Were Rabbit'.In one scene she is dressed as a corn cob and looks rather fetching – *not* like the woman featured here, with those vacant "I've just inhaled" look in her dead blue eyes….

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