The Dextrose Fairy

The Dextrose Fairy wants to make sure that you get plenty of SUGAR! Not just any old sugar but food-energy sugar. It is food, people! And it will give you energy.

Dextrose is just a fancy retro word for – um, sugar. And only the finest canned fruits and juices contain – sugar. Wow. Impressive, no?

The Tinkerbell of Dextrose has been working hard (just think how much dextrose she had to chow down on to get this beautiful ad set up for you. She had to go out and borrow Uncle Sam’s top hat, Dale Evans’ cowgirl boots and Sonja Henie’s wedding-on-skates dress so that she could direct your attention to the monster bowl of grapefruit. Although really, I think we would have noticed that on our own. Yes, we can see it there, thanks.

[Life, May 22, 1950]

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7 thoughts on “The Dextrose Fairy

  1. Isn't it weird how in the old days they used big fancy scientific-sounding words to attract people to food, and now people run screaming from them? Now, if it doesn't say "organic", it's poison.

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