What Not To Wear: Magical Edition

Oh, Luther – your magic is improving! Well done on splitting that tree! You and your wife, who is hiding there behind that purple rock, will have plenty of firewood this winter, that’s for sure.

But your fashion sense has not improved. Yellow satin jammies, gladiator sandals and a green cape are just not the right look for you. This is far more of an issue than what you like to do when you go out for an evening with The Guys.

I won’t be posting like this every single day but I did want to post now because I am going to be super busy for a few days – I know, it is silly to start dropping Entrecards and then stop again but I will be back at it around the middle of next week. And I am scheduling a couple of posts too, so there will be some new stuff up while I’m gone.

Luther and Co. are from the wonderful archives of Cover Browser.

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6 thoughts on “What Not To Wear: Magical Edition

  1. Gee, I don't know….. yellow gladiator sandals might be a problem but what about Luther's admirer? All in purple with a pretty impressive bulge-where-it-counts and a red hat and cape. Surely Mrs Luther should be more worried about HIM and his too-enthusiastic praise for her husband's 'magic'?

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