Mrs. Peek To the Rescue!

Mrs. X. has a dilemma:

She can keep working as an Air Raid Warden during World War Two.

Or she can spend the entire day trying to cobble together a Hot Meal for crabby old Jim, a Vincent Price lookalike who is (clearly) used to better things.

Thank goodness for Mrs. Peek’s tinned pudding! Jim thinks that having pudding means that his wife is back on KP. But it doesn’t. She is “still helping her country” (a possible dig at Jim, who seems only to want to look after his stomach) and Mrs. Peek will “look after your dinner.” And that’s how it’s going to be, buster!

This ad has a very different tone than the equivalent American one, over here, doesn’t it? Mrs. X tells it like it is – the Chef Boy Ar Dee lady is placating. I’m with Mrs. X, of course. The link is from the Kitchen Retro archives over at WordPress (I know, I know – I really need to transfer them all over here, but last time I checked you had to do this one post at a time and I keep putting it off).

I am posting a little bit less often, and not always getting to the comments (for which I thank you so much, as always!) – the Dreaded Novel and Real Life are pretty much knocking me for the proverbial loop these days, plus I now have my traditional Out Of Season Cold (hence Monday’s post, BTW). And I also just realized that last week marked the 800th Kitchen Retro post here on Blogger (not including the WordPress detritus) so…I got a little tired thinking of that!

Still, more to come, down the pike – as always!

[Ad from Steve Johnson's Cyber Heritage.]

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10 thoughts on “Mrs. Peek To the Rescue!

  1. Yeah, but wasn't he complaining about a cold dinner, not a cold dessert? She failed him, pure and simple. Divorce time.However, the American version, that's priceless. Important clients? Chef Boyardee!! God, I love how they pretended that passed as good food!!I miss your comments in the comments! I hope your writing is going well!!

  2. Whoa, you are at 8x more posts than me today!!! Congrats!Is it just me or does 'Ms. Peeks' sound like a seedy adult entertainer of some sort? :)

  3. I love the fact that it only takes 'one hour' to cook the pudding in the tin……..does how does that save the warden any time after work. At Chateau Lockett we've cooked, eaten and cleaned up in that time.

  4. How come I always want to slug the men in these ads? I have a feeling that if I'd had the misfortune to live in this era and be married, my husband would have booted me out on my dainty behind within the first week after the honeymoon. Or vice versa. If I wanted to be a domestic servant, I would have gotten a job as one.

  5. Jim just shows up at mealtimes.Clearly, he's busy being an Axis sympathizer, and can only spare a few moments each day trying to belittle his wife into abandoning her cunning helmet & her country. Thank God for Mrs. Peeks. Other puddings that require less than an hour at full-boil would have knuckled under to the subtle arm-twisting.

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