A Shocking Beauty Risk

Today we are talking about Shocking Beauty Risks, and I’ll bet you never heard of this one.

It’s something to worry about that I’ll bet you never guessed you needed to worry about:

Brushing your teeth may cause cavities! 

Didn’t see that one coming, I’ll bet. You are taking a big risk every single time you brush your teeth! You are, in fact, brushing the cavities right in.

And if you do “brush cavities into softer parts of teeth” you will see a giant, angry tooth staring back at you from the mirror. And boy, is it ever not happy with you. You’d better start using Teel before it jumps out and starts biting.

From Life, September 21, 1942; big version here.

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8 thoughts on “A Shocking Beauty Risk

  1. I love the fear factor in the old ads. If you are able to brush holes in your teeth, you might as well have them all pulled and go with dentures. Which, of course, come with their own fear risks – denture breath, you know…

  2. Forget brushing her teeth. She needs to brush her hair! – GPS. Every time I see that current TV ad for Miracle Whip where there are a bunch of 20-something hipsters dancing on an urban rooftop, showing how cool they are because they don't use Mayo, I think of your blog and wonder, "Have we really come that far from silly 50's advertising?" LOL

  3. Barbara – Yeah, they loved to get people even more worried than they already were.Jac – I know, it is the perfect argument!Betty – But you do have to use Teel…Georgina – Ads are eternally silly, I think. And they always like to up our anxieties.Bill – Poor Brenda, she had enough trouble without that big old tooth giving her the hairy eyeball (um, so to speak…)

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