Sympathy For the Deviled Ham Sandwich

Well, what have we here?

One guy in a red union suit and a silly devil-horns hat with a sandwich board. One stripey lady with a large basket of picnic items. And a vaguely terrified, faintly manic-looking fellow holding a sandwich.

Clearly, they are all hanging around in a corner of Home Depot’s gardening center – because the Sandwich Board Guy is about to purchase a lovely tree, which is still in its burlap sack.

At least he’s taking home a nice tree. But what has this lady found in the Do-It-Yourself Doofus aisle?

Yes, you guessed right. She found a bargain Doofus all right – and he only cost one deviled ham sandwich!

Three cans of Underwood Deviled Ham: $3.00

Assorted picnic items: $5.00

Tacky, strangely matching hair ornaments for Union Suit Guy and Misguided Woman in green stripes: $1.50

One retro Jim Carrey buttoned up to his neck in a green Lacoste shirt: Priceless.

[From LiveJournal Community Vintage Ads.]

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11 thoughts on “Sympathy For the Deviled Ham Sandwich

  1. Our fellow has him arm caught in the man trap, I see.I'm bewildered. It's the tree in the burlap sack that has me stumped. Is it Arbor Day? Is he planting a tree in his backyard? In a public park? Maybe he's a park worker, but they usually wear uniforms. Wait, maybe he's planting a tree in his yard, and she's the perky single neighbor who had to act fast with her picnic basket. It was either cat food or Underwood deviled ham spread. Underwood won the coin toss.He look kinda like Pat Boone.

  2. I presume the matching hair ornaments indicate that the lady and the devil are one and the same (as songwriters would also have you believe).As for the tree in a sack, perhaps it's a minimalist garden?

  3. sassafras – Yep, it's all about sandwiches!Bill – He does have a Pat Booniness to him. Maybe the basket is sort of like Mary Poppins' carpetbag and will suck him inside (there may be a few other hapless Boonies in there too, come to think of it)MoonDoggie – That's true, they probably are. The plot thickens (and so does the sandwich filling)…Betty – Yes, this is all it takes! I wonder if PB &J works if you don't have any Underwood around?

  4. Tori – They are similar, I think.Pearl – I liked it when I was a kid but I think I had one sandwich too many, and – well, not so much now.kris – You said it! lollee – He does! He has a Blackadder vibe, almost ;)

  5. If you look closely, you'll see it's not the sandwich but the BASKET that's the man trap! She's caught him sneaking his hand in there to steal her ham sandwich, and she's pressing the lid down on his wrist – GOTCHA SUCKAAAAAH! Now she's making her hostage demands. First a kiss, then matrimony, a station wagon…. if you want your hand back, Mister!

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