All Kooped Up

Well, once you give your baby a nice bottle of Seven-Up – and you burp them, don’t forget that!  – you’re going to want to let them have a nice nap. Where do you – the modern mother of 1950 – put that baby?

Why, coop that kid up in a Kiddie Koop, of course! Just like the proverbial chicken coop, this lidded crib is just the sort of personal space your baby needs.

It also seems to double as a tanning bed, judging from the light emanating from it. You can use that later, when the kid wakes up and needs a little Vitamin D (because you know he isn’t getting any in that Seven-Up, let’s be honest).

It comes with a nice Hairflex mattress, too – boy, doesn’t that sound comfy? Just don’t forget to give your baby a couple of Reader’s Digests or something when you pop him in the Koop – because it might get a tiny bit boring in there, inside the box.

The advertisement for this astonishing device, dating from 1950, is from Duke University’s Protestant Family advertising collection.

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17 thoughts on “All Kooped Up

  1. Margie(Jane): This is priceless. My sister had one of these when she was a baby but I've never known what it was called. I've often told my mother that she would be arrested nowadays if she tried to use this thing.Thanks.

  2. The other 13 doctors surveyed felt that dog kennels were superior in that you could just put the kid in there naked and hose them down when they pooped. Children raised in this environment grew up to develop interrogation techniques at Guantanamo.

  3. Margie (Jane) – I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who had used one of these. Yikes.Christine – Yes, indeed. PJ – It really does take one aback, as they used to say (and probably did, about this thing)Catherine – It's quite an ad! I've been saving it up :)

  4. I'm reminded of the movie Please Don't Eat the Daisies with Doris Day and David Niven. They have a playpen for their youngest that is basically a cage. I've known kids who could benefit by one of those. *g*

  5. It's AMAZING what worked in those days. Looks like it does double as a tanning bed, which helps with jaundiced babies, right? I wonder how long this product was around. LOL!!

  6. Tori – Playpens back then were pretty cage-like, it's true (but at least they did not have lids)ceemee – I know, it looks quite traumatic.vanilla – I will second that ;)Shay – Except when you have to replace the batteries, of course.Grandy – I wonder, too. I ought to go look that up (somewhere..)

  7. Yes, but look at the "other" products…the bath actually looks like some kind of operating theater – why bother with doctors when you can remove your own child's appendix?

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