The Mystery of the Flaming Canned Fruit

Well, first of all, it is Flaming Fruit. Not Flaming Youth.

And not only that, it’s Flaming Diet Fruit. You see, I thought that the point of the flambé was to caramelize the sugar in a food  – you know, like fresh fruit. Or to finish off crepes doused in brandy or something.

So let me pose a scientific question to you:

What will happen when this soggy canned fruit (and believe me, the stuff out of the can will be WAY soggier than the fruit in the ad) – drenched in Sucaryl, is stuck on a skewer and set on fire?

Actually, I don’t really know. But I’ll bet it doesn’t look anything like this picture. What do you think?

This little post was brought to you thanks to a lovely ad from – yet again! – Life magazine, October 15, 1965.The big version is here.

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9 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Flaming Canned Fruit

  1. JD – How did they ever come up with the sort of thing? I love diet ideas from the 60s, they are so loopy.Tori – The perfect word verification for this! Yes, this diet tip ought to come with a fire extinguisher.Tracy – And just about as tasty as that, too.Needless To Say – You got that right!

  2. Amy – It really is weird!Amanda – Exactly. I think the first challenge would be actually getting it on the skewer without it disintegrating.Grandy – It never occurred to me either!

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