Laughing With Lipton’s

If a hotel says there’s “no room today
And I don’t know where I’m going to stay
I wouldn’t just wail in dark dismay:

I’d be complaining and threatening to call the management for lousing up my reservation. And then I might let the canary out of the cage and see what happens (he’s cranky too, because he’s been in that cage in the limo all day). I am One Fancy Dame and I cannot be expected to pack up my hat boxes and shuffle off to the Motel Six, can I? Indeed not.

Would I have a cup of Lipton’s after all that? Maybe, because it is a “swell-tasting drink” that is guaranteed to make me less “jumpy and jittery.” And if I was sipping it in the Penthouse Suite, that would make me laugh with Lipton’s, definitely.

“And a round of your best birdseed for my little friend, my good man!”

[From Life, November 22, 1943.]

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19 thoughts on “Laughing With Lipton’s

  1. Tracy – Yum! ;)Barbara – That sounds good, too.Eric – I don't think they thought this out too far…A. – I don't think anyone has, not in real life!

  2. Oh deary me! If I'd just had my hotel reservation messed up the very last thing I'd drink would be Lipton tea!There's a reason no one in the UK will touch that stuff with a bargepole!Mind you, the sheer dismay at drinking a cup might make me forget all about the hotel reservation, so in that sense it'll have done it's job!

  3. Bill – That is a lovely poem! And the lady will appreciate that advice, after she's had a few more cups of tea. :)Tori – Anything they could find, apparently.Richard – Twinings or PG Tips would have been much more bracing. And better! (Also Stash tea is really good, though not British – still would not make up for lack of hotel room though!)Shay – LOL! Yes indeed. And he looks so – confused, too, doesn't he? That would be extra annoying, I think.

  4. Wow, it's a good thing they underlined today, stay, and dismay in that ad, because that brilliant poetry might have gone sadly unnoticed. I guess sometimes the (m)admen do have to spell it out for our pretty little heads. – G

  5. Richard – Yes, it wouldn't make up for anything.Georgina – I know, they really were quite brilliant! ;)Grandy – I'll see you there!Heather – I believe they were.MAFW – Ditto, and ditto!

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