The Merry Wives of Dormeyer

I think we can all see who this ad is addressed to. You WIVES out there – this is what you have to do! You may want to make some notes. Look at all the pretty pictures here and when you see something shiny that you really like – say, a toaster or a lovely coffee pot – put a Great Big Circle around it. That means “a round shape” like an O. Can you do that? Good. Then bring the ad right over to Him and show him what you did.

He should jump up out of the Barcalounger and go straight to the store. Really! He will. But in case he does not go immediately – you are going to have to step up your game a little. Crying is good. Just a little because you don’t want to get the ad wet, right? And you also don’t want to frighten him.

Husbands: you get the smaller print message at the bottom, because you big boys are So Smart you do not need Great Big Sesame Street Letters. Good for you! You are reading very well now! Anyway – just get what she wants, OK? It’ll make her happy, and we here at Dormeyer will also be happy, and won’t cry.

If you don’t – she will cry. You know why? (Here comes the Plot Twist…) Well, sir, your wife has a Secret Life. She is in fact the CEO of Dormeyer and her big Christmas bonus is riding on lots of extra sales.

Either that or she really really likes toasters.

This is from the London TimesOnline – they have a panorama of the 10 Most Bizarre Sexist Adverts for your reading pleasure today. You won’t be surprised to learn that this caught my attention at once, so I stopped reading the Serious News and went right over. I made the ad a little bigger over here, so you can really see all those fabulous presents.

I had already written about the Dave’s Locked Out Listerine Free Wife, so that was out. So I chose the one that looked the most like something that comes from my magazine collection – the one that looks a little chewed-up and tired. Perfect for Monday.

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10 thoughts on “The Merry Wives of Dormeyer

  1. I am afraid that She may burst into tears no matter how willing He is to make the purchase, because the only selections available to Her are items that will keep her in the Kitchen.

  2. Tracy – I know, some of those things don't look bad at all. They need to be in my local secondhand shop so I can go get them for myself!Tori – I would not want to cry for them, though.Kate – LOL! Perfect.

  3. You thought this ad was sexist? I don't get it. I think the little lady would like a new coffee percolator. After all, she's snagged herself a man and needs to keep him happy. Nothing wrong with a little tearful manipulation, either. Great ad. Perhaps not as compelling as Angelina Jolie dressed as a dominatrix with Brad in a dog collar eyeballing that waffle iron, but entertaining enough for its time, no?

  4. Grandy – LOL!Max – It is entertaining, yes. That's what I'm looking for! Psychological manipulation has come a long way, I agree – though really, evven back then, the waterworks were a little unsubtle. I think Becky Sharp, for example (although fictional) could have done much better than that.

  5. A lovely shiny new toaster? Just what the bored housewife was hoping to get for Christmas. After unwrapping her chosen "gift" she persuades her hungry husband that the only way he can have hot buttered toast in the bath is if she plugs her new toaster in on the bathroom counter…and after popping two pieces of toast in…oops! The husband and his toasty demands are toast!The chauvinist copy writers didn't see that coming!

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