Scatter Perm! Scatter Perm!

When you think about having a Good Hair Day, does the word “scatter” spring to mind? I didn’t think so.

The Scatter Perm people beg to differ, though. Here’s the exciting new concept (new in the 60s, anyway): Scatter perm rods through your hair so that some of it is straight and some gets curly. Wow, groovy, man!

However, it does not look like these gals scattered the perm at all. The little curling rods are geometrically precise, and even.

I used to play around with those little rubber curler things (not perm rods, but whatever) in the 70s. And it was a ridiculous endeavor from the get-go since I have unruly wavy hair, which is described kindly as Pre-Raphaelite, i.e. frizzy. That was a Scatter situation. Curlers hanging off odd clumps of hair, dotted all over my head. It would not have convinced anyone to buy curlers, ever.

So there you go. “It’s a perm that doesn’t show!” says the smarmy voiceover lady as faux Herb Alpert music perks along in the background. Um, yes it does show, smarmy lady – and we can all see just where you scattered that perm.

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6 thoughts on “Scatter Perm! Scatter Perm!

  1. Did you notice that one of those models was Ali McGraw? There was another I couldn't quite place, but I think she plays in the show after Grey's Anatomy.

  2. I love the way she talks in time to the music! What an irritatingly catchy tune.I'm sure Herb would be furious. IN a face-off between this and the Clark's Teaberry Gum ad, we all know that the Teaberry Shuffle would see this smarmy lady off in the first round!

  3. Bill – That's very true.Jude – No, I didn't! Thank you for pointing this out! Frogs in my Formula – It does sound like that. Very weird!Richard – Oh, I know, she cannot complete with the glorious Teaberry Shuffle!

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