Music Monday: Golden Years

It’s Music Monday and this is a retro blog so…I think we can work something out!

For my first MM I’m just going to jump right in with “Golden Years” by David Bowie, released in November 1975. It went to #10 in the US and #8 in the UK and was the first single off the album Station to Station (released in January 1976).

This song is definitely on my college soundtrack. When I hear it I’m right back there. I had several Bowie albums back then, in the 80s. I’m sure a lot of you remember those – the black discs that came in cardboard covers large enough to have loads of interesting pictures and text on them. I miss them, although at the same time do not miss the space they took up. I liked the covers, though.

Music Monday comes to you via Lady Java’s Lounge, where there’s always fab music playing!

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9 thoughts on “Music Monday: Golden Years

  1. Oh definitely yes Lidian. I know he was strange but I still love him!!He's one of my all time favorites!! Oh how I do wish you could stay.I am praying they will give in even a little more and offer some more compensations!!If all of my true friends leave then I guess I might as well too! I have credits purchased again now and will ride it out for a while.Happy MM:-))

  2. Jackie – Oh, I wish they hadn't done this but maybe things will settle down. And if they do maybe I would come back but like you I won't be a top dropper anymore. Too time consuming!I've been a Bowie fan since my college days, I've bookmarked loads of YT clips :)

  3. Oh, awesome. Bowie is my Number One of All Time. Ever since I heard Changes decades ago and put together that he was the same man as Ziggy Stardust my life was never the same.I love the Station to Station album. The whole thing is perfection from the train whistle all the way to the final chords of the final song…..ahhhh. This made my day.

  4. Nice call, one of the best songs on an underappreciated album. Mr Bowie's been quoted as saying he doesn't remember the recording sessions. Probably something to with all that brylcreem he was using those days.

  5. wngl – Well, even if he doesn't remember, we do. And as for the Brylcreem, I'll have to find an ad for that one of these days. FreshHell – Yeah, he didn't look so hot, as my great aunt would say. Not that she would have known why, though.

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