Getting Set For Life

Store Owner: Can I help you, sir? Don’t get many Foreign Legion officers round these parts, you know. Maybe I can interest you in some sun lotion…

Salesman: Well, actually I have an Amazing New Business and I am sure you’d like to see what I’ve got here. Take a gander at these Counter Card Goods!

Store Owner: What in tarnation are Counter Card Goods supposed to be?

Salesman: Well…I don’t rightly know. But I was told that this is part of my Big-Pay Route.

Store Owner: I see. What else you got there?

Salesman: I have 200 products! How about some aspirin?

Store Owner: We sell that already, sir. This is a general store.

Salesman: OK, what about razor blades? Or even better: Chocolated Laxatives! No one can resist a Chocolated Laxative. I know I can’t.

Store Owner: I’m sorry, we have razor blades. And laxatives, both chocolated and plain. We are ready for anything, sir!

Salesman: But – but – we’re supposed to make up to 140% profit on this, both of us! This is an amazing new business – that’s what the World’s Products folks down in Spencer, Indiana, say in their big catalog…[Leaves store, furrowing brow deeply] Can’t think what’s went wrong there. Hmmm. Must be the hat.

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9 thoughts on “Getting Set For Life

  1. Hairball – I'd like one of those too, please!Tracy – Maybe, I have no idea – I will try and find out (how, I do not know, but I'll try)Tori – Depends on what kind of postcards they were, maybe ;)

  2. filmtub – It's different every day – I'm not sure why more people visit some days rather than others…Grandy – Yeah, it is ;)scottsabode – No, I don't believe I do.

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