Coffee Talk

Chase and Sanborn coffee appears to contain a little too much caffeine. Or maybe they put some rocket fuel into their special blend.

What exactly is happening here?

(a) A lady’s head was in the can, like a genie in a bottle. And when you open it – whoosh! Out she comes to grant you three wishes (first wish: make that head go away, it’s freaking me out!)

(b) Some perky housewife opened the can and in so doing, her head popped off. That must have been a bit of a shock. And yet – she’s still really perky, in a bemused, almost ironic way. She really wants that coffee, I guess – disembodied or not.

Or could it be

(c) The head and hands come with the can – and they open it for you. After all, the tagline says that the coffee “tells you it’s fresher.” Maybe the head is the spokesperson. “Yep,” she is saying, “this stuff is really, really fresh. I know, I’ve been babysitting this thing since we left the factory. Whew, I’m glad it’s open now and I can get out of here.”

That would wake a person up in a hurry, definitely. No caffeine needed after all.

Many thanks to Retro Ads and Graphics for this 1956 ad.

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15 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. David – Thank you so much! I love the ad and am going to use it for sure.Tori – I want to know why too. I mean to find out, lol.Tracy – You said it! I need to tag all the DH posts and see what we've got (a lot of DHs, that's what)

  2. I actually miss vacuum-packed coffee in metal cans. They used to come with a snap-on plastic lid and when you had finished the coffee you could keep small machine parts 'n' nails 'n' stuff in them.

  3. Good one!Are you sure she's not wearing a white sweater against a white background? Or the coffee whoosh is not actually white instead of the typical brown? No, definitely your 'B' option is more likely.

  4. Beth – Thank you…Some days I wonder if it is going to come out all right, Mondays especially are hard ;)ceemee – Me too.Shay – My mom always used instant so I don't have any memory of those, they sound very useful though and I do recall seeing them in stores ;)shengy – ThanksAnonymous – Unfortunately cannot read Greek so I am just hoping that this is complimentary :)Tracy – Must put on to-do list: tag all DH posts! lolEric – Or perhaps she is in a TV studio with blindingly white lights, like Mike Teevee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

  5. I think you guys are missing the whole story here… this lady ate waffles smeared with canned peas earlier. The "WHOOSH" is not from the coffee can…. she's just using the open can of coffee to cover the smell!

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