Soup Is Stirred: Guests Are Shaken

It’s Retro Recipe Monday. How’s about a nice shake? Oh, good. So what kind of Campbell’s Soup would you like in it? Tomato or mushroom?

Good times with beverages, indeed. Talk about a surprise. I’m sure anyone you try to serve these to will be talking about the surprise they had, for years.

I can understand some kinds of hot soup in a mug, as part of a winter meal. Because a mug is sort of like a tall cylindrical bowl with a handle. But a soup milkshake? No, no. This is wrong. And soup nog? Try leaving a glass of that out for Santa and see what happens. Coal is the least of what you’ll be getting.

Many thanks to Janet at Found In Mom’s Basement, for the vivid visual; and thanks to J.B. Curio, whose Flickr site Janet found it on. A third hand find is what this is! But the cookbook scan is from my very own delightful copy of Wonderful Ways With Soups. Wonderful being a relative thing. No poll this week. I think we can all reach a soup shake consensus, don’t you?

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13 thoughts on “Soup Is Stirred: Guests Are Shaken

  1. And no worries about salmonella?I quit using my favorite homemade ice cream recipe because it called for raw eggs.Eggs: if you can't cook 'em, don't eat 'em.You find some of the coolest stuff.

  2. vanilla – Excellent point! Another strike against this recipe…The ice cram recipes that call for making cooked egg custard first just seem so – over-involved to me (but a lot of recipes do, at that).

  3. Blog Queen – Me too!vanilla – Absolutely. They should put that in the recipe, at the end.D – It makes you wonder who wrote it, and what they were thinking. Or drinking.Tori – Can you imagine anyone actually making and/or drinking this? Yikes.

  4. Frozen cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup doesn't sound all that great. In fact, it kind of sounds puke-worthy, like when you let a glass of milk sit in the sink too long. I don't care how many tiny umbrellas you stick in it. It's still gross.A tomato soup shake might be okay, so long as you didn't make it with ice cream or milk, just ice. I'm not really into V8's but I guess if you were, you'd like it. It would be like a frozen V8.Raw eggs? Now that can't be good for you.

  5. This is just too too much to even think about. First of all I don;t like tomato soup and I definitely couldn't handle it in a milk shake.I had Salmonella food poisoning once and I would rather give birth to 10 children at one time then to ever go through that again.I was so sick and the pain makes labor pains seem like a walk in the park.Thank you Lidian for signing up for the contest. I have you and this blog down. I will be adding an update to my post on Wednesday including links to everyone that has signed up so far.So please if I have the wrong blog pop back over and let me know. Thanks again and good luck!!:-)

  6. Staci – It all adds up to a big glass of not–good-for-you, really.Jackie – This is the blog, all right! :) Thanks, I'll be writing about the contest on Doubletake very soon.

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