A Post On A Postcard

Happy Friday! Postcard Day, too, over here. I may change it to Wednesday next week to spread things around the week (as we have a Monday Retro Recipe and, over on Dime Museum, a Friday Mystery – see if you can guess it!).

I adore old postcards and am happy to see so many on the internet. This is good, because my actual collection is quite small. I need to visit my favorite secondhand bookstore, which has piles of postcards in boxes, and get a few. When it is cooler, I will. This is my excuse for everything right now. When it cools off, I will! Fall and winter are better for my brain. How about you, do you love summer or are you just waiting for a little frost?

Another thing I’m aiming to do in the fall is write a few paid posts on this blog. Wait, come back! I promise, it will not be so bad! I love ads so much – and the thought of making a few dollars is also something I am fond of – that I think it would be fun. Promise: they will be different. I’d like to make them funny, if I can (you know, without mocking the product or anything). And I won’t do stuff I hate. And I know about Page Rank and it’s all right, really it is. Dime Museum and Kitchen Retro will stay the same as ever.

One more random Friday thing: we have not toasted one single marshmallow this summer. I regret it, but that’s the way it goes. I think it may be a first.

Now go have a wonderful weekend, and – well, what the postcard says.

The postcard, by the way, is from Wikimedia.

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