What The Ox Is Really Thinking

1. “This guy is the worst conversationalist I have ever seen!”

2. “And he claims to have won every staring contest he’s ever had. Wow, I am SO impressed. Not.”

3. “I guess he would’ve made a good snack, at least – except for the fact that someone marinated him in – what is that stuff called? – Vitalis.”

4. “This advertisement is unfair to musk ox. I have gorgeous hair. But that’s because I use Halo, of course. In the beautiful gold bottle.”

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14 thoughts on “What The Ox Is Really Thinking

  1. ok, well the picture sort of implies that if you stare at a hairy ox all day it’ll keep your hair perfect. Going off now to find an ox….

  2. feefifoto – Indeed not!Kris – Yeah, it must be the gold bottle!Tori – Not just ox hair but MUSK ox hair – the copywriter was inspired.Amy – He IS looking at the ox as if he thought it was a mirror…Michele – They made some winning men’s products back then, didn’t they? I have a Jade East ad somewhere I ought to post. When I find it!Bill – Not Vitalis, presumably.SlogBite – I like that ox too. He brushed his hair very nicely.Diane – Thank you so much, and welcome!Thorne – Thank you! :)Tyson – That’s an interesting point, they ought to have worked that into the ad…Linda – Thank you! :)

  3. Brings back memories of a more innocent and trusting time… I LOVE staring contests, but not with animals so much larger than I am!Congrats on being featured at SlogBite!

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