The Dreft Dodger

“Mom? Mom? Oh fine, she’s hypnotized herself with that glass again. Now I can stop putting these stupid yellow dishes away and get back to my real work: hanging out the window yelling to my friends, inviting everyone over for drippy ice cream sundaes in my room, and putting makeup on the dog!”

Yes, Mother is so thrilled by Dishwashing Power and Beauty Mildness that she’ll be out of commission for some time.

Just remember to get her out of that trance state in a hour because she needs to start production on the tuna noodle casserole. Otherwise it’s TV dinners all around!

Guess where this slightly wrinkly ad is from. Oh, take a guess…Yeah, I’m still mining that archeological find. I’ve got plenty. And this is a huge improvement, wrinkle-wise, from the state it was in. Just saying!

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14 thoughts on “The Dreft Dodger

  1. Looks like Calgon took her away (or her brain, at least).Isn’t Dreft now a detergent for delicate clothes or something? One of my friends swears by it for baby clothes.

  2. New Beauty Mildness for Hands – what did they do, cut back on the amount of lye used in the product? I recall my great-grandmother using Dreft, but I don’t think she was as taken with this product as the lady in the ad.

  3. I just love that ad! I love the coloring and the happiness in it. Seriously. You all must think I’m goofy. Anyway, it reminds me of happy times at home with my mom when I was a little girl. Life was so nice and simple back then. So wish it was like that now sometimes.

  4. DREFT! That’s it! I was trying to remember which one had the glassware in it. My MIL collected it for years. Now, can you tell me which one had the Cannon towels in it? She collected those too…They were stripted and she had about 50 of them! Dishtowels too? I think they came in the same detergent?

  5. That lady has been taking too many mother’s little helpers to be that entranced by a sparkly glass! Kris,It sounds like a lovely memory for you. I’m a big believer in bringing the things from the past that I love into my present life. I can’t change the world outside, but I can make my home a refuge from the storm.

  6. Tori – Or to the dishwasher.Erica – It sure does. And yet, ‘Dreft, take me away!’ just doesn’t have the same zing to it…if you catch my, um, dreft. Sorry, could not resist! :)Me-me – Yes, exactly: Now with less lye!Kris – You expressed what I love about it too, perfectly. Thank you :)Judy – So maybe she got the glass out of the box of Dreft? And hence, the extreme happiness…Hairball – That is just what I like about retro stuff, too. It is just really fun, in the end, and why shouldn’t we still enjoy all this stuff?

  7. That little girl looks like she's up to something. She probably isn't even this woman's daughter. Just some kid from around the block who sneaks into people's homes and steals things. She's found an easy mark with our enraptured housewife.Dreft seems like such a wimpy name for a product you hope will sterilize your dishes.Kris is right; this is a lovely ad. The colors stayed nice & bright, probably thanks to Dreft.

  8. Amy – It’s just from one newspaper, I think, but there are a lot of ads on the pages.Bill – That lovely color is thanks to Piknik and to Flickr!

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