The Picture Stays In the Ring

Think of all the fun you could have with this – you could use a candid photo of someone making a funny face, or eating spaghetti, or sticking their tongue out at the camera. That would make a nice ring!

Or you could use a photo of your cat. I would like that one, actually. Just send them a picture and a paper ring in your size. And then let’s hope they don’t just paste the photo on the paper ring and send it back.

Then after you get your ring you can start selling photo rings to all your friends and MAKE MONEY.

Please note that if you or your friends are Canadian they have to send an extra 48 cents. Why is that? Why the penalty for throwing the rings across the border? Are they tossing the packages across Niagara Falls? Are they portaging across the Canadian Shield? And why 48 cents rather than 50?

This 1942 advertisement is from my latest find – a magazine called Song Hits, which I found in a bin of sheet music in an old bookstore yesterday. It is full of bizarre lyrics to popular songs (one-hit wonders all, never to reappear again!), plenty of peculiar little ads, and a man on the cover making the funniest face I have seen in a long time (and that is saying something). I might scan that cover for tomorrow. The best $2.50 purchase ever! And I didn’t even have to pay a 48 cent tax, since it was already here in Canada!

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9 thoughts on “The Picture Stays In the Ring

  1. I want the one with my cat in it. That sounds great.Lidian, even though I’m not on Entrecard and dropping, I’m still following you in my reader and you’re on my blogroll. Just FYI. :)

  2. Tori – It seems like a weird Victorian leftover to me. unfinishedrambler – I need to start Following you, I didn’t realize you weren’t still on EC…

  3. Just think…that magazine would have cost $2.02 if you’d been south of the border.I was relieved to see that this ring will withstand weather, because we generally have some sort of weather around here, be it sun, wind, or rain. Who wants a weather-beaten ring?

  4. Reminds me of those “Your Name on a Grain of Rice” things. Or the cross necklace I used to have that had a tiny magnifying bubble with the entire Lord’s Prayer written inside. Would be much cooler with a tiny picture of Jesus on a ring, lol.

  5. Bill – It was worth the extra 48 cents. And I’m glad it withstands weather too, because we have a lot of it up here, especially in the winter.Mags – Maybe if this pop-history racket doesn’t work out for me…?Heather – I have a little cut-out picture from the 1840s with the Lord’s Prayer written on it, the little circle is the size of a pencil eraser. It was my gg grandmother’s – I wrote about it on VDM, it’s called “A Honeywell Silhouette” (there was a silhouette done by the same artist, hence the title).

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