Extra Soapy Soap

See tiny women gather round
A bar of Sunlight that they’ve found
Reclining in a burst of glory
Symbolizing the old story:

Products of enormous size
Make consumers realize
Goods are extra extra good
If they dwarf the neighborhood.

Sunlight is completely pure
Which adds to its immense allure!
And since it eschews naughty fun
It ought to get the washing done.

But is it not both lame and dopey
To praise soap for being extra-soapy
Why, what else would it be, pray tell?
Is this the magic that will sell

Sunlight to those with tiny sinks
Who gaze upon the sudsy Sphinx;
Pray, ask it one last riddle more:
How will it fit through the front door?

Thank you very much to the Entrecard top ten droppers for February:

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And also many thanks to everyone else who visits and comments!

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10 thoughts on “Extra Soapy Soap

  1. Tori – I think you just leave it outside and admire it, like a statue in the park.Max – Any soapsud obfuscationWas made with some deliberationBy the advertising folkWho doubtless would not get your joke.[I did get it though! :)]David – Not that fast, I’ll bet.

  2. Gosh, it sold so quickly in Canada that I’ve never heard of it here in the USofA.I’m like David…I have questions about the speedy sales. What does “fastest-selling” mean? It sounds like it never made it to the shelves. Frantic housewives were prying open the doors on the delivery truck…probably because only one bar of Sunlight would fit in the trailer.

  3. I always enjoy reading your blog…some of these ads really bring back memories for me! :0) Thank you for being one of the top 10 Entrecard droppers, on my blog, for the month of February! I’ve listed your blog, along with a short review and a link back! You can find it here: Czech Off the Beaten Path: Entrecard Top 10 Droppers for February: http://sheroffthebeatenpath.blogspot.com/Have a great weekend!Sher :0)

  4. Brimful – Thank you! I will go check your blog out too.Bill – It does sound like they were describing rioting in the streets or something. Hardly believable because (a) Canada and (b) boring old Sunlight soap.You can still buy it here and the dishwashing liquid (in Canadian = dish soap) is really good. I do use it. But there are never any problems or crowds around that parrt of the store or anything.Sher – Thank you, I always like visiting your blog too (am an expat myself, though sort of a boring one unlike you)

  5. Hi, I’ve come to visit from Beyond Left Field – Hello from Manitoba.Great poetry, I can’t get that creative this early yet – settle for a fun fact: Sunlight will take the skunk stink off of your unfortuate pet. Rinse extra, extra well.

  6. Venom – Welcome! Always glad to see fellow Canadians here (I'm a dual citizen & have spent half my life in Canada). And thanks for the tip. We actually saw a skunk out back the other day, but from a distance.

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