The Life Of The Party

Just in case that electric bow tie doesn’t get you banned from the neighborhood shindigs, here is the 1948 version of the karaoke machine. What fun it will be to listen to this happy guy – this could be you! – talking and singing- and singing and talking – on and on through his little Radio Microphone.

Now you should know that you can broadcast “from any room.” Oh, that’s good! Guess where the guests will ask you to broadcast your little variety show from. Maybe from the attic. Or the garage. Maybe a room in another house altogether.

It may be wonderful voice practice, but please don’t forget to order that job lot of industrial-strength earplugs as well. The Empire Radio & Television* people may want to think about some kind of special two-in-one deal.

Your friends and family will thank you.

* More fun live from Brooklyn, New York! Well, it’s a fun place. Delmar of the Amazing Plans was from Brooklyn, too.

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14 thoughts on “The Life Of The Party

  1. The guy in the illustration would look swell in a bow tie, electrified or not.I think you’re onto something with the broadcast ‘from any room’ part. Still, you could turn it to your advantage and promote the Pantry Polka Party and the Back Porch Blues Hour. Sunday afternoons could be devoted to Attic Arias or Crawlspace Concerts.I’m a little leery of connecting the microphone, though, despite the promise of enclosed instructions. I don’t think the rest of the household would be happy with a radio that only broadcasts in-house talk-sing programming in the event that the radio gets broken during installation.

  2. Jenny – I can just see this guy taking the microphone everywhere he goes in the house…Bill – It would be too much to risk breaking the real radio, I agree.Hairball – I will have to check this out, thank you – I missed that bit of the 70s!Tori – He does look like Rudy Vallee.Just a Blogger – Well, I guess this was cool in 1948. Maybe.Grace – I feel that way quite a bit when trying to explain to my kids that I remember things like records and rotary-dial phones. And rabbit ears on TVs!

  3. I remember seeing those ads years ago. I think it may have fueled my desire to be a disc jockey.The great thing for my audience was the radio had an off switch. And I always had to broadcast from just one big studio. If I left that room, no one could hear me. I do miss my electric bow tie though.

  4. bluecocktail – How did I miss Mr. Microphone back in the 60s/70s?Must educate self.HumorSmith – I wonder if this thing had an Off switch?Dori – These are fun ads, aren’t they? :)

  5. This reminds me of Skeletor’s castle, a hot ticket item in the 80s. It came with a microphone (for reasons unclear). Jesus, I wanted that castle. As a matter of fact…(heads off to eBay)

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