The Petrified Hairstyle

It isn’t such a long way from the Highway of Love to the Petrified Forest. Overdo the cans of hairspray, and maybe swig a little too much Listerine, and who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe with your hair looking like this.

Yes, I am sure every woman will want her hair to evoke the image of dry, crunchy leaves in varying shades of yellow, orange and brown. Crunchy, dying, desiccated leaves that are about to, you know, fall off the tree. Oh, yes please, make me look just like that. Hook me up to the Madison Wireless and give me a MacDonald Steam! All of which sound like Victorian industrial equipment. I guess it might be, at that. It takes a lot of horsepower to get hair to look like falling leaves!

This is the ideal girl for that log guy from last week – isn’t she lovely? They share the same arborial obsessions, only she’s into old leaves and he can’t stop thinking about bark.

But where will she go to get steamed and Pemberoiled? I don’t think there are any fancy hair salons in Algonquin Park.

From the Canadian magazine Mayfair, November 1935. It was aimed at the high-society set, as you might guess from the title.

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17 thoughts on “The Petrified Hairstyle

  1. Very interesting and I’m sure it was very time consuming.But, oh women were so elegant then. My mother was from the era and she is just stunning in all of her pictures.But, she had gorgeous, natural waves of long red hair also!!But, even when just out for a walk with the girls they were always all dressed so nice.But, then again I am way too lazy to be elegant!! Happy day!!:-)))

  2. Tori – That was a fun hairstyle too, wasn’t it? Both way beyond me IRL…Amy – I think they had a LOT of help!Nancy – Yes, and also logs or things to prop them up at night.Shinade – My mother’s era was a bit later than this but I have the same feeling as you when I look at her old photos – everyone was so well put together and stylish. Then came my generation, which has always suited me just fine but is nothing, nothing like that :)

  3. Frogs – Canada is always pleased to learn new and tricky things.Lux – I wonder what her face is like!Mary – I remember the moms waiting outside my elementary school with the updos and masses of hairspray!RE – OK, now I’m really scared! :)ettarose – Yes, that’s true. But I have never attempted anything like it, never have and never will, hurrah!

  4. This looks like a practical way to wear your hair. She probably leaps out of bed each morning looking just like that. No muss; no fuss. Ma Kettle probably keeps her hair like this when she isn’t expecting company.

  5. Bill – I don’t know if Ma Kettle was reading Mayfair magazine though! There are more silly looking debutantes per square inch than at the nearest cotillion. Wherever that is (it isn’t anywhere near here, though, I can tell you that)

  6. You mean there were better permanent waving processes on another continent? Did you notice some of the star’s doos at the Oscars? I thought a lot of them had a very fixed, crunchy look about them.

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