Questions For Madame Zeus

Madame Zeus says that she will please and amaze us all if we send a dollar and our names and birthdates to her.

It would please and amaze me to learn the answers to these questions:

-Why does she think I will be afraid of what she can find out about me? What exactly does she think I’ve been up to?

-Why Madame Zeus and not, say, Madame Hera? Hera was Zeus’ wife, after all, in Greek mythology. Is there then a Monsieur Hera? If so, what does he do?

-How is it that Madame Zeus can be “Of London, England,” yet her contact address is in Oakland, California? That’s quite a commute every day, you know.

And if she isn’t commuting, and her bags of mail aren’t being forwarded…I suspect Monsieur has been up to something that will amaze us all. And I’m not afraid to find out what it is, either.

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10 thoughts on “Questions For Madame Zeus

  1. You are such a cynic. Zeus is her real last name. WAS her real last name – she was unable to predict that bus running over her. In Oakland, yet oddly a double-decker.

  2. Sean – Perhaps she has her Head Office there…Tori – Yes, that would be a good question to ask her.tim h – Perfect for Christmas presents!louise – She really does look a little – waxy! :)Max – Of course I’m a cynic, I’m from NYC! :)

  3. I remember there being a small beauty salon in my hometown which was owned by a man who claimed to have studied in London. He also sported an odd, vaguely European accent.I only went to the salon a few times, and it was usually 2-3 years between each visit. The second time I went, he had lost the accent and told me that he had grown up in Illinois. The third time I went, the accent was back. Very strange indeed, and I can only conclude that, like Madame Zeus, he felt that a “European” image was good for business.

  4. I think she asks us to carefully print our personal information so that she cannot be tempted to thrown in free handwriting analysis. That’s a separate business venture in another magazine.

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