Dessert Excavations

I recognize Jughead’s little head at the bottom, and Wishbone the Dog up at top left. But most of the little severed heads that dear Betty Crocker has stuck atop her totemic brownies are not ones that I know.

One of them appears to be asleep, or at least trying to block out the feeling of being watched from behind by a goofy pumpkin who has eaten too many popcorn balls.

And the one with devil horns at the back looks extremely grumpy. Try putting him on your plate! You will probably be sorry.

According to Betty, in her Party Book (1958) these are made out of lumps of hard sauce. So they will probably melt and fall off if you try and pick up a brownie. Betty was too busy rereading Gods, Graves and Scholars to remember that she had a bag of marshmallows handy, I guess.

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7 thoughts on “Dessert Excavations

  1. Who in Gawd’s name had the time to make lil clown heads with faces….wtf? I’m so glad that I have a life to live. Now, I gotta run and make sure I didn’t miss any super funny pumpkin pics on pizam. Sorry, busy day, Hon.I’ll txt u l8r,Eve

  2. If you are from Detroit, you will recognize the one at furthest to the right as the guy on the Vernor’s label. He doesn’t appear there now but back in the day when it was just a local soft drink…definitely the Vernor’s gnome

  3. Betty is a MONSTER! Severed heads adorning brownies?! Stuffing popcorn balls in someone’s head until they’re pouring out the top?! Great American housewife, my foot! If she weren’t already dead (though in a cryogenic state), she’d be in jail! (Poor, poor Jughead!)

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