But Liquor Is Quicker

Welcome to a week of Halloween Retro…which means, in the main, candy ads and – well, later this week we’ll meet a depressed pumpkin cookie (and possibly eavesdrop on one of his analytic sessions), learn some wacky Sealtest Halloween non-pranks…And last but not least, we will encounter some little shrunken heads that Betty Crocker, that noted anthropologist, stuck on some unsuspecting brownies.

And that’s just the beginning!

Wait…no, that’s not the beginning. This is:

In this case, candy probably isn’t so dandy. That candy is squashed from the Lady in Red sitting on it by mistake.

This must be a classic Halloween date – also known as the Trick Or Treat. First she gets tricked: her friend said he was a Byronic, dark, moody type and look who shows up – Zeppo Marx on a sugar high. And the chocolate is the treat. Get it? (Oh fine, don’t laugh…it’s Monday morning, and we’re all doing our best, I suppose).

And what smirking behind the couch is in aid of…nope, not gonna speculate. If I were her, I’d grab my mad money and go. Don’t forget to take the chocolate, Sally – it looks salvageable. You can eat it in front of the TV later (perhaps one with an amazing blaxide tube, if you’re lucky).

(Ad from Duke University Ad Access; they say it’s from 1947, and I believe them!)

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8 thoughts on “But Liquor Is Quicker

  1. Shaving cream doesn’t seem to bethe choice of pranksters these days,you won’t get a lot of shaving creamfor $6.00 but the Toilet Paper mega size pack is the favorite in my town!Take the candy and run girl!!!!

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