The Amazing Blaxide Tube

What the heck is blaxide, and why is it so amazing? That’s my first question.

But I have more. Check out this 1950 television ad and see if you don’t have a few, too.

Why is the TV screen round, like a porthole?

Is this how these people dress to watch television?

What exactly is the relationship between the couple and the strapless-green-satin dame posing in front of the TV?

What, pray tell, is that leafy thing on top of the TV? It looks like Carmen Miranda’s nightcap.

Why isn’t anyone even watching the TV? That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement, is it?

Image from the spectacular Duke University digital collection, Ad Access.

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7 thoughts on “The Amazing Blaxide Tube

  1. Aw come on, don’t you get dressed up like that to watch TV?I think the green strapless dame is sitting so close to that TV because she thinks that guy in the porthole is real and is going to take her out dancing with her friends.

  2. Our first TV was round but I don’t know if the Blaxide was included or if it was an add on. However, I think the dame in the chair is telling her husband, “It’s OK, you can take my best friend out on the town, I’m staying here and watching our new Amazing Blaxide Tube!”

  3. I haven’t heard of Blaxide before, but I’ve added it to my list of 50′s advertising terms like Dyna-Flow and Hydra-Matic.My grandparents were the first ones in their neighborhood to own a TV, and my mom said it had a round screen. I doubt if they dressed up to watch TV, however.

  4. #1) BAck in 1950, television was still a luxury.#2 Having a television set in your home was a status symbol.#3 For decades, people sat around the radio to listen to live broadcasts. Television was still a novelty in 1950 and there wasn't much on television back then.#4 Unlike other television models, the Blaxide tube reduced the amount of surface reflection, which made better viewing from any angle.#5

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