Really Light and Fluffy Yarn

For best results, use ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, not your knitting basket…

Advertisement from an early 1970s women’s magazine from Great Britain called the Woman’s Weekly, which is full of gently nutty ads. Although usually they do not involve making souffles out of leftovers from that sweater you made young Preston last Christmas with the big bumblebee on it (shades of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary!)

There was also a really good Ruth Rendell novel called A Sight For Sore Eyes (1998) in which the main character’s mother is a chronic crocheter but she uses a lot of weird 70s colors like lime and black and orange and pink and brown to make enormous hooded coats which she then trails around in looking very strange. She crochets all the time – all the time. And she is a pretty slovenly housekeeper to say the least.

This is exactly the sort of thing I think she would have served for dinner.

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