Celebrity Hearing Glasses

I think I can hear Elvis talking to Greta Garbo right now! But she wants to be alone. She’s telling him to get the hell away from her.

And – er – I think I can hear Eddie Fisher at the jewelry store. He’s buying Liz another diamond keychain. No, not a keychain. She has one of those. An emerald studded Kleenex-box cover. The jeweler is telling him that the Duchess of Windsor used to own it.

Also, Frankie Avalon has a bad sunburn…gee, that’s a shame! Too many beach movies, not enough sunblock.

Wait…wait a second! It’s 1962, we don’t even have any sunblock.

And I’m not sure – are these really celebrities I’m hearing? Or is it the neighbors whispering about me and my new glasses! I can’t hear what they’re saying now. This really IS a – what does the ad say? “An awkward nuisance” – that’s right.

Just what they call me when I go to the movies and talk back to the screen…

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6 thoughts on “Celebrity Hearing Glasses

  1. Hearing glasses… huh. I think they might be confused about what exactly people use to hear. (Yeah, I get that it’s got a hearing aid that plugs in your ear, but “hearing glasses” just doesn’t inspire confidence.)I wonder how well these would merge with Personality Glasses.

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