The Two Rennies

Windsor Daily Star 1952 Rennies

There are so many ways to write about this ad, one hardly knows where to begin. The one question that really bothers me is, why TWO Rennies? Why is one Rennie not strong enough to combat indigestion?

Two aspirin, I understand. I never really thought about it. Sometimes one Advil is enough (even though my nerves are not made of steel). One cough lozenge is enough.

There were Two Ronnies though! Did anyone else watch that show in the 1970s? It was a British comedy show with, er, two Ronnies, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. I think it was on PBS. Along with Dave Allen (Irish, sort of Dean Martin-like with drink in hand, but way drier and more ironic than Dean Martin) and Monty Python and all sorts of other things.

But Rennies are like the characters in Jacqueline Susann novels, for whom once is NOT enough. My guess is that the people in her novels would love these things. They’d be taking stacks of Rennies all at once. And they would be ten times happier even that Miss Joyful over there on the right! Valley of the Rennies!

I was going to embed a Two Ronnies clip but I am not finding them quite as funny as I once did and I can’t really find one I like. I probably just have heartburn and need to take two Rennies!

This advertisement predates Ms. Susann’s era a bit – it is from a 1952 Windsor, Ontario Daily Star .

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8 thoughts on “The Two Rennies

  1. Ahh no. I deleted my original post.
    This advert lends itself to too much lowbrow smuttiness.
    And this a a *tasteful* blog. :)

  2. The drawing of Mister G looks like one of those clever pieces that become another image when turned upside down. Like Mr. Gloomy should become a laughing baby or something equally surprising. But he doesn’t.

    He just looks like an inverted curmudgeon. Bless his heart.

  3. Tori – Yes, that’s exactly who he looks like!! THank you for pointing out this amazing resemblance!

    Emjoi – I too was restraining myself! :)

    Amy, Bill, Kathryn – LOL as usual! Am not getting much on line time this week, please forgive me not addressing each comment! All will settle down by middle of next week though!

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