Bad Trip, 1965

1965 True mag Mercury ad

Bob and Betty couldn’t understand why the OK Motor Lodge seemed to be located at the top of a ski hill, albeit one strangely lacking in snow.

But Betty had been looking at the map upsidedown. And Bob had a thing about not asking for directions.

Mercury might indeed be a great road car, but it is not so great an off the road car. And now they are stuck halfway up the bunny hill at a strange Polynesian-themed ski resort which requires its patrons to carry tiki torches on the trails.

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3 thoughts on “Bad Trip, 1965

  1. I guess illustrators could stick things wherever they wanted. Sort of a precursor to PhotoShop.

    This is an encouraging ad for me,though. I’ll bet I could snow ski as long as I can sit in my car while I do it. The high price of gasoline would be offset by the amount I’d save on ski gear and lift tickets. After all, who’s going to demand payment when you’re barreling toward them in a 1965 Mercury?

  2. LOL I do hope the said car had loads of heating in it…what about the four wheel driving it will need so it doesn’t get stuck or slip on the icy road? hmmm no men aren’t usually ones for asking for directions are they?

  3. Bill – The vibe here reminds me of a trip we took to Washington DC in the 1970s and every time we turned a corner we were in another state. No stopping to ask directions though. Eight hours down, missed the party we were aiming for, and eight hours back to NYC. In the summer. In a heat wave. Good times!

    Amy – Yeah, they look pretty well stuck. Hope they have AAA!

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