Old Dutch Treat

LHJ 1936 Old Dutch

Old Dutch is probably the cleaning woman. It’s her nickname. She insists on wearing the white cap thing with the curved-up sides. And the wooden shoes, even though they are hell when she’s running up and down the stairs with the cleaning buckets.

That’s why Helen’s friend there in the fancy hat has time to go shopping. She’s enjoying hanging around watching her friend huff and puff over the sink. Look at the grin on her, it’s positively evil.

Helen on the other hand feels like the work takes her longer and longer. You know, it probably does. It’s like there’s a spell on her! Well, maybe there is. These ads all read like fairy tales or B movies. All that drama packed into one kitchen sink.

Wait till Helen gets a load of the Seismotite in that Old Dutch Cleanser! She’ll buy a tin of the stuff, bring it home, thinking her troubles are all over. But do you really know what’s inside that little tin, Helen?

They never say just what Seismotite is, you know. Just that it’s really really good. Must be dynamite!

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8 thoughts on “Old Dutch Treat

  1. What in the heck happened to Helen’s friend between frame one & two? Remember that well-known illustration of a woman, the one where some people see a lovely young girl, and others see a withered old hag? I think Helen’s friend is that woman.

    I don’t think Old Dutch runs around with buckets. As rendered, she seems to beat the daylights out of dirt & grime with a rolling pin. I guess she chases it right off the property.

  2. Emjoi – Thanks for the link (that is a cool site!) – I had no idea that there really was such a thing I thought that they made it up.

    Vallen – It does sound like somethingthat Superman would use – very comic-book sounding…

    Bill – Helen’s friend doesn’t know it, but the seismotite is having a strange effect on her skin (I sense a sci fi backstory here)…

    Tori – Yes it does…not something I personaly want when cleaning a sink!

    Amy – Thanks to Emjoi, there is elucidation! I had no idea.

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