Your Figure’s Best Friend

Cosmo ads 1966 Trim-Ez

Well, they do say that there are results “PROVEN by famous athletes and beauty queens.” Of course, results could mean anything from “the famous athletes got heatstroke wearing this rubber wetsuit thing” to “the beauty queens complained that they couldn’t wear their swimsuits over it.”

Doesn’t mean that a Trim-Ez Exercise Suit helps you “firm up” as you exercise. I mean for one thing you do still have to exercise. Only you have to wear “soft, rubberized Krene” – not just ordinary Krene.  Krene sounds like a gritty cleansing powder. I’m not sure how they can possibly rubberize it.

The Trim-Ez has “elastic wrists and waist that traps heat in.” Oh, I see. It is like your own personal sauna. That does sound appealing. The lady in the top photo is enjoying herself, wearing that thing. Looks like a sweatshirt and sweatpants though. But then, that is just what Trim-Ez is. So why not buy a cotton sweatsuit and do your Canadian Air Force exercises in that? (Remember those? We had the booklet in the 1970s, used to do them, but we always got bored after a week or two).

But a regular sweatsuit wouldn’t be made of rubberized Krene, would it? And you wouldn’t end up looking glam like the lady in the after photo.

That isn’t supposed to be the same lady, is it? Because if it is she did more than trap body heat in rubberized Krene, she got a full head and body transplant.

Advertisement from Cosmopolitan, 1966.

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6 thoughts on “Your Figure’s Best Friend

  1. It seems to me that anyone wanting to trap their own body heat in a rubberized Krene body suit will likely develop a nasty rash! Now there would be some unexpected results, wouldn’t it?

  2. Kathryn – That would be unexpected! I wonder if this company also makes talcum powder?

    Rapunzel – Thank you, ditto! Yes, we 1960s people can remember all sorts of fun things, like rotary dial phones. And black and white TV!

    Tori – Well spotted, I didn’t notice that…it sort of adds to the cheesiness, doesn’t it? A sort of shady cheesiness, if there is such a thing.

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