The Sociable Choice

Pepsi ad Winnipeg Tribune 1959

Yeah, serving Pepsi is very fancy. And also light! Even though it has quite a bit of sugar in it. The bubbles even things out though. They lighten the sugar and caffeine components.

“Doesn’t it figure that light, refreshing Pepsi is bound to be first choice of the trim and smart and debonair?”

Well, doesn’t it? Ladies in evening dresses writing out invitation cardsĀ are swigging Pepsi! This makes them not only trim, smart and debonair, but “sociable and young at heart.” For heaven’s sake, what are you all waiting for? Get swigging! (But use a glass, don’t glug from the bottle, that is not smart and debonair).

The invitations seem to be decorated with the engraving of a false eyelash. Very “up-to-date.” Just like her dinner for twelve is going to be. I wonder what they will be eating. Pepsi goes with meat and 7-Up with fish, probably.

Advertisement fromĀ the Winnipeg Tribune in 1959.

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6 thoughts on “The Sociable Choice

  1. hehehehehe…. This cracks me up. Who would ever have thought to serve soda (or pop) at a formal function LOL

    Have a great day my friend!

  2. Wow that’s what she wore to plan
    the dinner? What’s she going to
    wear FOR the dinner? Apron? No
    the help will be wearin that! LOL
    Sure seems slow out on the net, must
    be summmer vacation!!! Have a great day!

  3. hmm I dunno about pepsi, it’s a strange taste, personally I’d rather have coke, and yes wouldn’t she or should she – etiquette wise – re think her choice on pepsi for her function? Surely tea or wine would be a better choice?

  4. Rue – I really wish I could eavesdrop on this party, I have to know what she wants to serve with PEPSI.

    Jewelgirl – Maybe the help had the day off. Maybe they drank all the wine. And just left the Pepsi.

    Amy – Yes, tea. Yes, wine. Pepsi, not so much! But I confess i do like Diet Pepsi With Lime, which horrifies the rest of my family. More for me, though!

  5. I remember George Costanza on Seinfeld arguing the benefits of Pepsi over wine as a something to bring to a party. One of the rare times I agreed with the man.

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