A Handkerchief Vapor-Tent, 1934

IMG_0008 LHJ 1934 Vapex

“Watch how I fix a cold,” says the lady in this 1930s ad. Uh, no thank you. Really, I’d rather not.

Oh, but she insists on showing us all how she splashed some Vapex onto her handkerchief and made a little tent over her nose. That’s right, inhale the Vapex. Deep, cleansing breaths!

Boy, now she’s over the cold, and she’s really, really happy.  AND she’s got a faceful of makeup on, just like that. OK, now I’m impressed. That’s some snazzy vapor-tent!

The ad is in a 1934 Ladies Home Journal, but the product is “approved by Good Housekeeping.” Um, all right. Does LHJ not approve? Why isn’t the ad in Good Housekeeping if…But…Oh, never mind.  If you write to the Vapex people they will send you some “VAPEXed gauze” for your very own handkerchief-vapor-tent. Boy howdy, that sounds great!

And they say that there are 75 imitations of this on the market. How do they know all that? Is there a Vapex Squad that goes around to all the druggists, hunting for fake vapor stuff? With little handkerchiefs, and colds. Hey, that’s not triple-action! Can’t be the real thing.

“The handy bottle uually last all winter.” ‘Usually’ being the operative word. I think this lady here has about used up her supply.

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8 thoughts on “A Handkerchief Vapor-Tent, 1934

  1. Hi Lidian :)

    I’ve been reading all the posts that I’ve missed and laughing. The retro bedrooms are really scary! LOL

    Have a great day,

  2. “Blue Velvet”…what a scream! So THAT’S what Dennis Hopper was up to! He simply had a cold!

    The makers probably had to qualify the lasting-quality with the word ‘usually’ because they knew that if you took a bottle of Vapex to a party, you’d be beset by Vapex-huffing revelers. This lady looks positively beatific after a snort of it.

    I must giving credit, though, for Vapex being promoted as a fix, not a cure.

  3. Amy – She does look a little bit too happy about this…

    Karla – LOL indeed!

    Rue – Hi Rue, glad to see you!

    Emjoi – There’s definitely a backstory here…

    Bill – Beatific is just the right word, thank you!

    Becky – Yeah, I have a cold now, which is why I noticed this ad – maybe I should try this!

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