Kind-Of New Or Kind-Of Lipstick?

IMG Hazel Bishop lipstick 1954

That’s the question of the day.

I’m guessing that it IS lipstick, supposedly a new kind. But I am not really sure about that either.

Hazel Bishop lipstick was supposed to not come off on all those martini glasses - and on the guys you would be snogging after you emptied them (the martini glasses, that is). I don’t know if that really was so. I know that they haven’t yet made a mascara that doesn’t come off on the skin around my eyes, giving me that attractive raccoon look.

The “out of the world” and “most exciting” shades of this stuff? I hope that you’re sitting down for this…. How does “Light Red” and “Soft Pink” sound?

OK, maybe you’re not convinced. How about an endorsement from Ralph Edwards? See him, over on the left? (Sorry, I couldn’t get it any bigger than this). He was the host of “This Is Your Life” on TV (in the US from 1952-1961), which featured various celebrities being reuinted with friends and relatives before a live studio audience (whether they wanted to be or not). 

Mr. Edwards was also a makeup expert on the side, apparently. Well, Ralph, I am glad that you like it (and appear to be wearing a little in that photo) but – I just don’t know.

Still, it stays on no matter how hot it gets. And all over America they are – well, they are raving! (Oh dear, please calm down, ladies, it’s just a little tube of lipstick). 

But it is a two-way lipstick – you can blot or not-blot. Not that you can use it like a two-way radio. Too bad. Now that I would buy in a New York minute. No ifs, ands, buts or kind-ofs about it!

From the Toronto Telegram, summer of 1954.

WordPress is supposed to be generating posts that are related to this one…but in case they haven’t, I wrote a post about dear Miss Bishop over at my other blog, here.

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7 thoughts on “Kind-Of New Or Kind-Of Lipstick?

  1. hmm no blot Hazel lipstick? Doesn’t sound much different to what we have now…oh wait no mine comes off all the darn time grrr…

  2. Hazel Bishop obviously likes her new lipstick and so does the man kissing her. Great advertisement. The old one’s are always so much fun.

  3. In the words of Dorothy Parker –

    “Give me a dry martini
    But only two, at the most.
    Three and I’m under the table;
    Four and I’m under the host.”

  4. Lisa – See you then! Thanks!

    Amy – Yes, they are still trying, I guess…

    Melissa – Good old Hazel, you go girl! :)

    Shay – I love Dorothy Parker’s poems (and reviews, and stories) – that one is one of her classics!

  5. I’m looking for any outlet or person who has one or two Hazel Bishop lipsticks. Please contact me if you know where I can get some. Thank you.

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