Pictorial Review Fashions, Summer 1918

This is for Vintage Thingies Thursday over at Confessions of an Apron Queen. Because thingies are great just on their own, but vintage thingies are even better!

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I found this in an old sewing book. I think it had been in there since 1918, so it is beautifully preserved and not yellow or anything.

sewing1 Sears Fashion ca 1910

And here is the inside:

Sears Fashion ca 1910 back

This was an advertisement for a magazine called The Fashion Book. I don’t think it had to do with the big Sears store: this was printed by Benjamin Sears at his Sears Dry Goods Store in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The first Sears & Roebuck department store opened in Chicago in 1925. I was confuzzled by this at first, until I had a closer look. And checked Wikipedia.

The hats are great, and the dresses are very snazzy despite the fact that World War I was still going on. Mr. Sears does point out that “this year above all others waste must be avoided” and that you had better choose your patterns carefully. And then buy lots of dry goods and fabric from his store, of course.

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15 thoughts on “Pictorial Review Fashions, Summer 1918

  1. Buying all that material would have set you back some, I bet. But I guess back then they had just enough clothes to fit in a standing wardrobe. A dress for Sunday, a dress for everyday.

  2. Jewelgirl – I love this too, the colors make it look so appealing…

    Amy This is a small promotional flyer, I really wish I had that Pictorial Review magazine!

    Lisa – Thank you, I enjoy Thursdays especially because of VTT!

    Rhonda – Thanks for visiting, I love knowing that others are really into this stuff too (not everyone at my house is as entranced as I am! :) )

    Toontz – I think it depended on the kind of material you bought…it was a lot cheaper to buy material in the 1960s I know, because my mom made all of my and her clothes. Don’t know about 1918 though. The war may have driven prices up. i will see if I can find out.

  3. the colors in this are great…this would have been the tail end of the Great War (s0-called). Skirts are starting to narrow after the “crinoline” look of 1915-1916.

  4. Carrie – I know, I wish I could dress like this (sometimes) – the dresses actually look fairly comfy (unlike the 19th century stuff)..and thanks for visiting!

    Ruuta – I agree, the artwork is really good. Thank you for visiting!

    Rochelle – The hats are really great, aren’t they? I don’t wear them in real life so much, but I appreciate them! (And if we had hats like this now, maybe I would wear them!)

  5. Hi Lidian :)

    Thank you so much for coming by!

    I have a tween and an 18 year old so I’m all misty eyed right there with you….

    I love this catalog and your comment about Mr. Sears is too funny :)


  6. Rue – Mr. Sears was a natural dry comedian, I think…he had to balance his concern for the war effort with his concern for making sales.

    Thanks for visiting, I am so glad you had fun – these posts are so much fun for me too.

  7. This is so cool. I actually have 3 original Pictorial Review patterns, 2 lady’s dress patterns and one for a little girl’s dress. The only dates on them are copyright 1907, but one of the lady’s patterns looks just like one of these. I’ll have to dig them out of the closet (put up HIGH away from my children!) and see if the numbers match!

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