Adams Pure Chewing Gum, 1921

IMG Adams gum 1921

I know what Chiclets are like (peppermint), and Black Jack (that would be black licorice) and the California Fruit is what they are calling “tutti frutti” (this must be Adams’ version of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit). But what is Yucatan Chewing Gum like?

It was peppermint, actually – just like the Chiclets. See here for a little more gum history at Candy Favorites. Advertisement from a theatre program from the Booth Theatre in New York, from 1921. My grandparents went to see “The Green Goddess” by William Archer, starring George Arliss, in April 1921 – 87 years ago! The program is in great condition and is packed with ads (which makes me very happy!).

I sense a Green Goddess Salad post in the near future…so please do come on back for the Salad Matinee later on!

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2 thoughts on “Adams Pure Chewing Gum, 1921

  1. The Yucatan was covered in chicle trees a generation or two ago. Chicle (cheek – lay) being the gummy part of gum. Most men made their living cutting chicle. I should go read your link. It probably explains it better.
    I used to love to listen to my former mother-in-law (pure Mayan) tell tales of her father, a chiclero, and his adventures.

  2. Vallen – She must have had some amazing stories…There is a lot of really interesting stuff out there about chewing gum/candy history (which I am quite interested in).

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