Kraft Dinner Triumph

IMG_0001 WD 1963 Kraft ad 

It isn’t often that you see the words “Kraft Dinner” and “triumph” in the same sentence, is it? I mean, Kraft Dinner is what you tend to serve up when you feel tired, or cowed by kitchen complexities, or you are totally out of ideas for meals – or maybe you just are in a terrible hurry, or have had small children about all day who really like mac and cheese from a box and – you get the idea. That is when I have tended to serve KD anyway. I don’t think we’ve had it in awhile though (she added a tad defensively). But in Forty Meatless Meal Recipes from Kraft, you might expect to see KD exalted as an ingredient. And so it is, and so it is. The booklet dates from 1958, as per the ad for the Kraft Hour on TV, starring Milton Berle on Kraft Music Hall - on the back inside cover. Berle hosted this only in 1958, so there you go.

Kraft Dinner Triumph 1 7 oz. can tuna, drained
1 Tb chopped green pepper
1 Tb. chopped pimiento
1 1/2 cups hot medium cream sauce
1 pkg Kraft Dinner
Hot cooked sliced carrots, seasoned

Combine the tuna, green pepper and pimiento with the cream sauce, and heat. Prepare the Kraft Dinner as directed on the package. Heap it onto a round serving plate, make a depression in the center, and fill it with the hot tuna mixture. Surround the Kraft Dinner with carrots.

I suppose the carrots act as a sort of moat. It all sounds very creamy and – amorphous. And what the heck is medium cream sauce anyway? Cream sauce is cream sauce, right? Maybe they mean medium thick. Somewhere between whole milk and library paste.

This is just too much work for what you end up with. Kraft Dinner is supposed to be quick and easy. I don’t want to triumph at the table, I just want people to eat it and like it, OK?

Oh, and you will like the household hint at the bottom of the page (every page in the booklet features one of these):

Scrambled eggs take on new color when you stir in 1 tablespoon of orange juice per egg before putting in pan.

Yes, they turn orange. And they will take on a new taste too. It will not be a triumph.

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One thought on “Kraft Dinner Triumph

  1. I love KD! Quick and easy. That recipe sounds a bit too complex for me.
    I like what’s written on the box:

    It’s the CHEESIEST.
    That’s why more kids and moms love “the one in the Blue Box.”
    Right down to the bottom of the bowl.
    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

    Forget kids and moms, I love it too!

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