Cottage Cheese Séance

IMG foyle 1968 party book salad

A dinner party suggestion from Christina Foyle’s Party Book (1968). Is it a cocktail? Not really. A salad? Depends on what you call salad. Should you serve it at a dinner party?

Depends on how you feel about the guests, really.

Cottage Cheese Cocktail

1 tin of Fruit Cocktail
Creamed cheese

Method: Line a large glass or bowl with crisp lettuce, add the fruit cocktail and top with the creamed cheese, garnish with walnut halves.

Notice how the jars of walnuts is staring at the salad – or cocktail, sorry. Whatever it is, in the bowl. They are trying to figure out how the single walnut half got stuck in the cottage cheese as if in culinary quicksand. In the lower left corner, a whole walnut manages to escape. This is obviously a place of danger for walnuts.

Also it looks more like a séance, not a dinner party. Maybe they are trying to conjure up something good to eat.

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