A Sumptuous Pseudo-Scandinavian Treat

IMG BHG Foreign Flair 1963

You learn something every day. Well, theoretically (I don’t, not necessarily. Depends on the day, doesn’t it? Some days feel like the opposite, like I never learn anything – those are the days when I lose stuff and leave the pedometer in the library washroom and forget my sunglasses at home and so on).

But today I learned of a traditional Scandinavian dish, all thanks to Better Homes and Gardens’ Meals With A Foreign Flair (1963). They say “we give a Swedish version” of the famous smorgasbord. “Add Scandinavian trims, if you have them” they say – which seems unlikely, really, doesn’t it? But never mind, because the smorgasbord has got something traditional and “sumptuous” – that word always makes me think of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “bouquet’) on the 1990s British sit-com Keeping Up Appearances. Sumptuous was one of her favorite adjectives, although I am not sure that she would apply it to these little guys:

Egg-and-Olive Penguins

Each little fellow is fashioned from a bog hard-cooked egg, a couple of “giant’ ripe olives and a few pieces of carrot.

Cut thin slice from large end of each peeled egg, stand up. Fo penguin;s head, peg olive to egg with toothpick. Use 1/4 of a ripe olive (cut lengthwise) or each wing, a lengthwise sliver for the “necktie”; toothpick in place.

For feet, cut a lengthwise slice of carrot, a little less than 1/8 inch thick; cut the slice crosswise in 3/4-inch lengths. Taper slices of each piece of carrot and notch wide end to make webbed foot; tuck a pair part eay under each egg. Whittle a beak from carrot and push into “head.”

The notched feet and the beak-whittling would be a little bit much for me – carrots are hard to whittle. Not that I have tried it but they probably are.

The burning question here (besides “Why bother?”) is what in the world have penguins got to do with Scandinavia? They live mainly in Antarctica.

How about we relocate them to the mashed-potato/turkey salad igloo? They will feel right at home. Only in this case do not outline the door with olives – that will totally freak them out! That is what their little heads are made of!

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3 thoughts on “A Sumptuous Pseudo-Scandinavian Treat

  1. Making sure you removed all the toothpick bits before you ate one of these ‘penguins’ would be a bit of a worry, wouldnt it? I am not sure what Mediterranean olives are doing in a Scandinavian-penguin dish either.

  2. These guys must have been all the rage, I have some in a cookbook here at home. Mine were for Easter and I think penguins have even less to do with Easter than they do with Scandinavia.

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